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Has your Psychedelic Soul ever felt validated by Visionary Art?

When people journey deeply inward with psychedelics, they encounter a realm of spiritual light and beauty so fantastic that they are profoundly moved and positively changed. Psilocybin studies performed with the highest standards of scientific rigor reveal that 65% of those having a positive mindset in a safe setting, will have a mystical experience, a transcendence of space-time and union with boundless spirit. If one is able to have a mystical visionary experience with psychedelics, there are tremendous healing benefits for the mind, including the potential overcoming of grief, PTSD, addiction, and the powerful discovery of one’s purpose in life.

Most of the millions of psychedelic experiences that happen every year around the globe, occur outside of a controlled medical scientific experiment. Many people, having seen such extraordinary and disturbing things inside themselves, may feel stunned and a bit isolated, because the altered states are so out-of-control and impossible to communicate. I believe that one of the chief functions of visionary art is the validation of psychedelic souls. When people see that artists have depicted similar visionary dimensions, they breathe a little easier and realize, “Oh, they saw that too! I am not crazy after-all. We are connected or similar on the inside.”

Unlike any other time in history, there are now many artists from around the world dedicated to skillfully portraying their highest psychedelic visionary states of consciousness through painting, sculpture, and digital media. There is an international visionary art movement that deserves a unique sacred space.

Most of us who are contributing money toward the psychedelic movement are helping advance the medical scientific psychiatric and decriminalization efforts. These are areas of great importance so that the truth about psychedelics can be known and their healing power re-integrated with our society.

Spiritual wisdom transmitted by the psychedelic state is often visual. Science cannot point a camera into our mental flow. Only the visionary artists have begun to translate life-changing theophanies into iconography.

When society is ready to see the higher vision of a cosmic order revealed through sacramental spirituality, this truth will begin to outshine materialism, fundamentalism and nihilist nightmares that bedevil our world.

The great visionary artist William Blake called our mystic dimension the Divine Imagination. Blake also said, “All Religions are One.” These are healing prayers in a world at war. The creative force is spirit in our hands, waging peace, painting by painting.

Entheon means a place to discover the Creator within. Entheon, Sanctuary of Visionary Art at CoSM will honor and preserve visionary artworks that point to our common transcendental source. Join us in this historic quest by independent artists to build a new sacred space.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our supporters and artist friends who have helped CoSM over the years to manifest this collective vision.


CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture Update

CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture is now online and web editions are free!  You can now view the first series of extended articles with bonus, previously unreleased text, art and photographs here :

Celebrating creativity at the heart of spiritual practice, the new volume of CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture shares reflections of artists, leaders and futurists from their experiences of Divinity.

What is your experience of Divinity?

“The soul’s eye view is what all of sacred art and literature share, a portal into Divinity.”
– Alex and Allyson Grey

Allyson Grey
Square Root

“The Jeweled Net of Indra, the vision of reality that arose with Hua Yen Buddhism, reveals a world where each being, each gem at each node of the net, is illuminated by all others and reflected in them. As part of this world, you contain the whole of it.”
– Joanna Macy

Damon Soule

“The great gift for humanity is that this Creative Universal Intelligence, this Consciousness Force, this Spirit-in-Action is indwelling in each of us as us.  It is the Impulse of Evolution, the animating power that activates in each of us our own heart’s desire to be more, do more, love more, give more, create more, just like the universe itself is always doing.”
– Barbara Marx Hubbard

“It is Being Itself, the very Breath of Life that fills our lungs, so close to us, so full of mystery.”
Rabbi Jonathan Kligler

Vibrata Chromodoris
Three Improbable Events

“My experience of Divinity is life itself.Life in all the vitality, diversity, and renewal.”
Vandana Shiva

“Speaking is the primary metaphor: Spoken words convey meanings, connections, structures, images, fears, hopes, and so much else. But words would be inert and ineffective without the flow of the out breath of which they are spoken.”
– Rupert Sheldrake

Andrew Jones
Humming Dragon

“Shakti, an Energetic Consciousness or Conscious Light that can zap, radiate, illuminate and re-wire us through a broad range of “openings,” be these erotic, traumatic, psychedelic, aesthetic or contemplative.”
Jeffrey Kripal

Judy Chicago
Rainbow Shabbat

“Religion is focused upon one’s beliefs about Divinity. Spirituality is focused upon one’s experience of Divinity.”
– Michael A. Singer

Michael Divine

“The experience of nature and the experience of the eternal inner worlds is the Divinity of Divinity, both outside and inside.”
– Luis Eduardo Luna

Luis Tamani
Mujeres del Viento

“The Vast Radiance of The Celestial Light
Shining at Night, through the Stars and the Moon
In The Heavens above us.”
– Jeffrey Bronfman

Andrew Gonzalez
Leo Rising

“It doesn’t require faith in the invisible, it really just requires appreciation, reverence, joy and love for what is all around us.”
– Starhawk

CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture shares with its readers the work and stories of artists, thinkers and community builders who are dedicated to transformative living, and committed to the integration of wisdom and the arts. It is offered to inform, connect and inspire this evolving global awareness.

We are currently in the final printing phase of the new ‘Divinity’ volume 9 of CoSM Journal which will appear in our world this winter.

Art as Prayer

cosm newsletter

Awakening to Buddhism

Nearly every morning before we start our day, Alex goes out to find eight points that have fallen from tulip trees that shade the studio. He places them in a mandala before the Buddha statue there, sometimes adding petals, and reminds himself of the teaching of the Eightfold Noble Path. Buddha was committed to revealing a Way to the End of Suffering. The First Noble Truth is that life is suffering, or “perpetual unsatisfactoriness.” The Second Noble Truth is that the cause of suffering is desire. The Third Noble Truth tells us that there IS a Way to the end of suffering. The Way is the Eightfold Noble Path. With every needle Alex places in the mandala he reminds himself of these eight precepts:

Right View
Right Intention
Right Speech
Right Action
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Mindfulness
Right Concentration

The right view is non-duality. We are interdependent with an infinite order of beings and dimensions, whose ultimate ground is voidness, clarity, and compassion. By aligning ourselves with the awakened state of the Buddha we can develop wisdom, behave decently, cultivate discipline and kindness, nurturing positive thoughts, practicing mindfulness and meditation, we can subdue craving, cynicism, and be released from the “wheel of suffering” that perpetuates in death and rebirth.  Come to CoSM Sunday and learn about Buddhism from an accomplished teacher.

This Sunday’s Visionary Salon will host the Venerable Buddhist Chaplain of Harvard University, Lama Migmar Tseten.
His talk on Buddhism will include:

– The lineage and philosophy of Buddhism
– The major Buddhist schools including Dzogchen Buddhism, also called “The Great Perfection.”
– The power of Mantra
– The Mahasiddha paintings of great accomplished masters and tantric adepts
– An Introduction to Mahamudra, the very essence of Buddha’s teachings.

Join us for basic and deep wisdom from this Buddhist master at CoSM this Sunday afternoon.
The talk will end with a discussion and then a tour of the Entheon construction with Alex and Allyson

Art as Prayer with Randal Roberts

art as prayer randal roberts cosm

Randal Roberts, extraordinary artist and beloved CoSM friend, will offer painting wisdom in a rare three-day creative/spiritual opportunity, entitled “Art As Prayer.” Painting to enhance connectedness with self and the Divine, Randal is committed to enfolding prayer into every stroke. When a group of artists paints with this intention, the workplace is charged with purified creative energy.  Practice a technique of fresh spontaneity with a sacramentally inspired visionary who exquisitely depicts the rococo patterns of inner realms.

Randal’s Statement:

“I pledge to do my best work for the highest good, & to practice my art as a way of awakening myself and others.
I offer myself and my materials to divine influence.

To You; cherished friends and family; to the beautiful, absurd, creative flow and language of the universe; and to the global Love Tribe – gone, living, and to be:  Thank you.  I love you, and do my best for you.”

Randal is one of the hardest working and devotionally driven artists we know.  Come to beautiful CoSM and deepen your soul’s creative journey through  art as spiritual practice, with one of the rising stars in the visionary art world.

We look forward to seeing you soon at CoSM,


Allyson & Alex