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Entheon Kickstarter Rewards in Full Swing

By on December 16, 2016

Entheon Update:
Most Kickstarter Rewards Received

Here are a bunch of Love Tribers who are PUMPED and super thankful to have received their kickstarter rewards.

If you are among those who have still not received your rewards, that is because your rewards are SOOO unique and awesome, they are taking a little more time to produce. Your rewards are coming.











The Stimulating Spices of Baharat Band

By on November 30, 2016

An ethnic fusion music ensemble, Baharat Band combines the various sounds of different regions from Middle & Far East to Flamenco and Native American music. Baharat being an Arabic word for “spices,” the band experiments with multiple rhythms and phrasings from many cultures, creating a resonate sound that is unique and true to each culture of influence.

Baharat was founded by Brooklyn Native and Oud player, Michael Bundi in early 2014. He played at shows all around New York City with various musicians until the band’s lineup took shape. Thanks to Middle Eastern percussionist, Jeff Campoli, he became the backbone of the band’s rhythm section. Together, they began playing a monthly resident showcase for belly dancers in New York.

The Band was later joined by Honduran bass player and honors grad from the New School for jazz and contemporary music, Enrique Mancia. Enrique gives the band a fuller sound, bringing it all together along with Baharat’s recent add-on, Latin and world percussionist Jimmy Lopez. Together, Baharat Band developed a traditional repertoire as well as enough material for their debut album, Mosaics.

Since the album release, the band has been playing in New York and beyond to support their album. Thankfully, they are making a stop at CoSM, December 3rd, for a special musical performance!

Explore CoSM by day (noon – 6pm) and stay into the evening for a “spicy” musical adventure. Prepare to be mesmerized by the unrestricted harmonies of Baharat Band. Secure a ticket now! Click here for more information.

David Rothenberg: The Delicate Fusion of Music and Nature

By on November 29, 2016

Musician, composer, author and philosopher-naturalist, David Rothenberg has written and performed the relationship between humanity and nature for years. He is a distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Music at the New Jersey Institute of Technology which as been a both an encouragement and support system for his musical projects since 1992.

A composer and jazz clarinetist, David has 16 CD’s out under his own name including a Jazziz Magazine ’95 top ten record, On the Cliffs of the Heart, and an ECM record with Marilyn Crispell, One Dark Night I Left My Silent House.

Though he has quite the impressive resume in music, this jack of all trades is also a published author in the United States, England, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Germany. His most notable work, Why Birds Sing, is about making music with birds and has since been turned into a feature length BBC TV documentary.

David Rothenberg’s passions are multifaceted. Fusing the delicate tones of music and nature, his performances take on another level, activating multiple senses. Traveling throughout the world, he provides quite the spectacle.

David Rothenberg is visiting CoSM, Friday December 2nd!

Just why do birds sing? Rothenberg has been trying to figure this out for many years, reading, writing, and researching the topic but most importantly playing live along with avian musicians such as nightingales, laughing thrushes, lyrebirds and reed warblers. He will share tales from his travels and blend science with art.

See the event page for details and visit his website to get a better taste to what’s in store. Come join the fun!