Some of my Favorite Links on the Net:


Allyson Grey: My favorite artist in the world.

Zena Grey: Our daughter the famous actress.

Peter Terezakis: The brilliant artist who designed, built,
and maintains our sites.

* - Link to Alex Grey (new!) - *


Alex in the Vaults of Erowid

Analysis of Nature of Mind painting

The Mission of a Visionary Artist - Shambhala Sun

Foreword to Alex Grey's Mission of Art by Ken Wilber

In & Out Article on Alex Grey

Pop Matters article on Alex Grey

Raw Vision article on Alex Grey

Interview with Alex Grey, May, 2000

Reflections on a Sacred Mirror

Review of Heart Net performance

Reviews of Alex Grey books: Sacred Mirrors and Mission of Art

Shambhala Sun article on Alex Grey

Tool Fan comments on Grey

Visit Inner Traditions, publisher of Sacred Mirrors and Transfigurations.



Biggest Visionary Art Link on the Web

Guy Aitchison and Michelle Wortman's incredible visions into the other side

The Ayahuasca Shaman turned Painter, Pablo Amaringo

Visionary Granddaddy of Heaven and Hell: Hieronymous Bosch

The British Poet and Visionary Art Genius of the "Divine Imagination," William Blake

William Blake information also found here

The Visionary Art of L. Caruana

L. Caruana's brilliant "Manifesto of Visionary Art"
And Johfra, painter of the Esoteric!

Joe Coleman, the man who put the pain back in painting

The Mystic Idealist Painter extraordinaire, Jean Delville

De Es

Fantastic Art Links


Probably the most famous Visionary artist in the World, HR GIGER!

Tom Gleich's knock-out Mandala Collection

All the Names of God

Beautiful transfigured dreamers by Andrew A. Gonzalez

The amazing visions of Mark Henson

Beautiful tripped out portraits Martina Hoffmann

Society for Art of Imagination

Philip Rubinov-Jacobson visionary artist, writer, teacher

L. Caruana's brilliant "Manifesto of Visionary Art"
And Johfra, painter of the Esoteric!

Mati Klarwein, The brilliant visionary painter of the Aleph Sanctuary

The architect of Time Machines and 21st century ideas, Paul Laffoley

Brigid Marlin, painter of the imagination

Ann McCoy's brilliant Goddesses, Jungian murals and sculptual chalices

The Sacred Geometry of Robert Pasternak

Survival Research Labs, Mark Pauline's Robot Wars

Stevee Postman's computer enhanced visionary photography Tarot

The French Symbolist Odilon Redon


Stanislav Szukalski, the underknown Polish genius visionary

Visionary artwork by Carey Thompson

Robert Venosa, who marvelously paints the crystalline inner worlds

Guy Aitchison and Michelle Wortman's incredible visions into the other side

Entheo Art Microgallery by Delvin Solkinson

Luke Brown's entheogenically empowered visions


LIVE, one of my favorite bands

The industrial psychedelic art band, TOOL!

String Cheese Incident

Philip Glass



Shambhala's Ken Wilber homepage and Forum

Giant website devoted to Ken Wilber for the world's greatest living philosopher

Don Beck's spin on awakening consciousness

Mandala of Integral Culture

Home of the Western Avatar, ADI DA

Landmark Training


The Theosophical Society in America


Journal of Buddhist Culture

Journal of Buddhism in America

The Mirror: International Dzogchen Community

Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, my beloved teacher

Lama Surya Das


Art of Asia

Art of Tibet

Journal of Japanese Cultural Arts.

PSI and Subtle Energies

Association for Research and Enlightenment
Edgar Cayce

Dr. Charles T. Tart Home Page and Virtual Library

Institute of Noetic Sciences

International Academy of Consciousness

Rhine Research Center and Institute for Parapsychology

The Monroe Institute (Out of Body experiences)

American Society for Psychical Research, Inc.

The Society for Psychical Research

The Parapsychological Association

Alister Hardy Society
Religious Experience Research Centre

International Association for Near-Death Studies

Dr. Ian Stevenson - Reincarnation Studies


Center for UFO Studies

Crop Circles


William James

Wilhelm Reich

Psychic Healing

ISSSEEM - The International Society for the Study of
Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine



Barbara Brennan the great healer

Therapeutic Touch

The following links and their descriptions
courtesy of
Charles Hayes, author of TRIPPING

The website for Charles Hayes amazing "TRIPPING" book.

Association for Holotropic Breathwork International Website for the method created by Stanislav and Christina Grof for "moving toward wholeness" via concentrated breathing.

Blue Honey: The Infinite Mushroom an online resource for information and products related to psychedelics, spirituality, and Gaian consciousness.

Council on Spiritual Practices Website for the non-profit organization that advocates the responsible use of entheogens. The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension an online anthology of psychedelic literature, images, and links. Website launched by the late Nicholas Saunders to serve as a resource for various dimensions of MDMA, including dance culture and toxicology issues.

Eleusis: Journal of Psychoactive Plants and Compounds online version of the hardcopy journal.

Entheogen Dot online journal on various dimensions of entheogens, legal, pharmacological, etc.

The Fane of the Psilocybe Mushroom Website of the British Columbia-based "fourth way mystical school" that upholds the principle that all psilocybian mushrooms are sacraments.

Heffter Research Institute Website of the organization devoted to researching the beneficial properties of psychoactive substances; named for the German chemist who first synthesized "mezcalin."

High Times Magazine Website for the magazine with themes related to cannabis, psilocybin, and other psychededlic drugs.

Albert Hofmann Foundation Website for the foundation dedicated to the documentation of the history of psychedelics, named for the Swiss chemist who first synthesized LSD.

Island Foundation Website for the organization that provides resources on psychedelics, named for the book by Aldous Huxley about a psychedelic-enabled utopia.

Intrepid Trips Ken Kesey's Website

Timothy Leary's Website

Levity an assortment of homepages for artists and authors involved in alternative consciousness, including those for Terence McKenna, Steve Silberman, Erik Davis, Douglas Rushkoff, and Martin A. Lee.

Lindesmith Center Website for the drug policy research institute, a member of the Soros Foundations Network; includes a searchable database.

Lycaeum "The world's largest entheogenic library and community."

Magical Blend Magazine Website for the magazine devoted to alternative consciousness.

Terence McKenna Land an assortment of McKenna-related material, including reviews, interview and lecture transcripts (some in audio), an index of quotes, a bibliography and Website list, and sources for related products, such as video and audio recordings.

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Website for the organization devoted to researching the health potentials for psychedelics, with a searchable database of psychedelic research information.

NORML Website for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

The Peyote Way Church of God, Unofficial Page links to several peyote and San Pedro-related Websites, as well as other psychedelic links

The Psychedelic Library an extensive online library of books devoted to psychedelic themes

Psychedelic Shakespeare Solution good psychedelic art, interviews with McKenna, Kesey, and others, testimonials about psychedelic experiences, and other assorted attractions

The Rainbow Family of Living Light Unofficial Homepage information on Rainbow Gatherings and Rainbow people

Sacred Dance Society Website for the "non-profit religious society dedicated to the practice of community dance"

Schaffer Library of Drug Policy a comprehensive online library of material on drugs and drug policy

Seredepity a large resource on psychedelic and related legal matters with mirror Websites in Switzerland and Australia

The Shroomery information on psychedelic mushrooms

Paul Stamets Website Information on mushrooms of all kinds, by the author of Psilocybin

Mushrooms of the World: An Identification Guide

Tomorrow Never Knows: a book by Nick Bromell

The Vaults of Erowid an extensive online resource with a searchable database on psychedelic issues, created by the non-profit organization "dedicated to studying and providing information about humanity's never-ending search for meaning and spirit"