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    Grey’s vision of a flawed but perfectible mankind stands as an antidote to the cynicism and spiritual malaise prevalent in much contemporary art. –New York Times
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    Build Entheon

    Build Entheon

    Entheon means a place to discover the God within. Entheon is the sanctuary of visionary art now under construction at CoSM. Learn how you can be part of it.
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    The mission of CoSM is to build an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to inspire and evolve the creative spirit.
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    All proceeds support the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors project

August Full Moon Weekend

By on August 19, 2016

It’s CoSM MEMBERSHIP MONTH. All are welcome to an August weekend of events dedicated to Members, the family that takes a stand for the future of CoSM.

Friday evening, Grey House Library, Parlor and Galleries will be open late. In the Dining Hall, Zola will offer a Dance Journey for Women. The Cafe and Shop will be open with down tempo music by DJ Jon Ohia. Enjoy an intimate evening at Friday night at CoSM.

Saturday afternoon, MEMBERS only are invited to join us at 3pm for a private tour and history of CoSM, including Entheon, now in construction. A barbecue for MEMBERS only follows. Become a member of CoSM anytime up to registration on Saturday. Online at

Saturday evening, at 7:30 CoSM will hold it’s 169th in an unbroken chain of Full Moon Ceremony at CoSM.

On Sunday afternoon, bring your favorite traveling art materials and join us for Art Church. We will be meditating, drawing and discussing Cosmic Creativity: How visionary art evolves the cultural body through icons of interconnectedness.

Love to see you at CoSM this weekend.

Alex & Allyson

Friday Night @ CoSM:

Alchemystic Dance Journey for Women
with Zola Dubnikova
7 – 10 pm

Join Goddesses on a dance journey fusing contemporary body science, movement energetics, breath, vocal toning, mudra, ritual, and mystical eastern dance practices drawn across time & worlds. Treat yourself to a healing experience that opens the heart & moves the soul.
Through liberating movement comes prayers that plant the seeds of our visions.

On Friday, explore CoSM by day (noon – 6), and stay late to learn a unique vocabulary of movement and subtle energetic principles!

Zola Dubnikova is devoted to dance as an ecstatic, spiritual experience.


Saturday @ CoSM:

CoSM Annual Membership BBQ
Hosted by: Alex & Allyson
3 – 6 pm

August is membership month at CoSM! It is a time when we invite supporters who clearly love the work, to consider taking a stand with us for the future!

Join us for an event just for CoSM Members. Take a walk with us and hear about CoSM, past, present & future. Dine with us at the complementary BBQ! Stay into the night for the Full Moon Gathering.

Members are the foundation of a spiritual community. At CoSM, members are the family that takes a stand for the future of CoSM.

Celebrate art as a spiritual path with Chapel building as the ultimate expression of mystic communion. 
Membership is $100 for a calendar year beginning with the date of purchase. 
Benefits include free general day-visiting, entry to Full Moon and Art Church events for one year, the latest issue of CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture and more!

Building a temple and sustaining CoSM takes the support of a global family. CoSM Members are those angels. Sign up today and come have some fun at the BBQ! Thank you for your support!


Saturday Night @ CoSM:

August Full Moon Gathering
with Alex & Allyson
7:30 pm – Midnight

Embracing the richness of our diverse cultures in music, poetry and shared community, CoSM invites you to celebrate the Full Moon. Though these events occur monthly, each gathering is an unparalleled, crystal of an experience.

Dive into lively dialogue and interactive experiences through art, music, meditation, prayer and rhythm. Add your mystic touch to our interactive sand mandala and be transfixed by live painters Alex & Allyson, Aaron Mckusick, Clinton Reynolds, Joness Jones, Louie Izzo, and Nicole Palapoli.

Keep each other warm by the fire and feast your eyes on fire performances by Phantomine and Aileen Lawlor. Enjoy a multitude of treasures in the CoSM Shop and allow your inner spirit to emerge through henna by Elisa and body painting by Caren Charles.

An evening of wisdom and prayer from all faiths, come with an open heart and mind. All are welcome. See you there!


Sunday @ CoSM:

Yoga at CoSM
with Shipra Saragoi
10 am – Noon

Shipra combines Hatha Vinyasa Flow with elements of dance, flexibility and strengthening into her practice – Yogea.

Yogea has elements of Tai chi, Bharatnatyam, Kalari, Chhau and Modern dance, to go with Pranayama and Asana practice. The philosophy of this practice integrates Yoga with other esoteric phiosophies including Egyptian, Oriental, Greco-Roman, Hermeticism, and more.Shipra’s knows Sanskrit, and includes Bhakti yoga, too. She also likes to offer Marma therapy, Reflexology towards the end of the session.

Shipra helps students make small adjustments to safely push deeper into asanas, guiding them to their body’s potential. Come to Yoga at CoSM for the ultimate out of body experience!

$10 donation requested. Mats are available.
All levels of experience welcome.


Art Church: Cosmic Creativity
with Alex & Allyson
1 – 5 pm

Cosmic Creativity: How Art Evolves Consciousness

How visionary art is evolving the cultural body through icons of interconnectedness.

Creativity is a cosmic force. We are aligning ourselves with the force of the cosmos that is continually evolving and recreating in every moment. We are a cosmic force in action.

Genuine creativity is not just a personal gift; it’s an evolving cosmic force that expands the identity of the individual beyond the bounds of body and ego toward a sense of oneness with a larger consciousness. Many great works, from megaliths to pyramids to cathedrals, were built by groups of creators aligning themselves with universal mind.

Come activate your inspired action in the world! Join Alex and Allyson and explore how the aesthetic experience of art can lead us to unitive mystical experience.




Alex & Allyson

Calling All Temple Builders

By on August 12, 2016

Calling All Temple Builders!

August is Membership month at CoSM.

It is a time when we invite supporters who clearly love the work, 
to consider taking a stand with us for the future of this radically welcoming creative home for Visionary Art.

Alex once heard a voice that told him: “Humanity hungers for a righteous task.”
Building a temple and sustaining CoSM takes the support of a global family.
Members are the foundation of a spiritual community.
CoSM supporters live all over the world, visionaries with a passion for creativity as a spiritual practice, honoring all traditions.
Art renews our soul. Join us in this noble task.
Help Build Entheon, CoSM’s Sanctuary of Visionary Art.

Become a sustaining member of CoSM.

It takes a lot of angels to build a Chapel of sacred art. CoSM Members are those angels. Celebrate art as a spiritual path with Chapel building as the ultimate expression of mystic communion. Become a member of CoSM today, and support this sanctuary of Visionary Art. Membership is $100 for a calendar year beginning with the date of purchase. CoSM Members receive:

• Exclusive Membership Card
• Free General Admission
• Entry to Full Moon events for one year
• Entry to Art Church events for one year
• Discount for Room Rentals Monday through Thursday with Coupon Code
• The Latest Issue of CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture
• Members Quarterly Newsletter

“Community is the ocean in which we swim. We are all products of associations that have shaped the development of our ways of thinking and being. Evolution is inter-subjective. Through conversations with friends we share our values and inner worldviews and discover better ways of being. Communities shaped by higher consciousness and conscience are vital keys to a sustainable relationship with the planetary lifeweb.”

CoSM Annual Membership BBQ
Hosted by Alex & Allyson

Saturday, August 20th is CoSM’s Annual Membership BBQ, a complmentary event for CoSM Members! Take a tour with Alex and Allyson, who will recount the history of the land, and the past, present and future of CoSM. Enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by our ace Chef and stay late for the Full Moon Gathering.

It takes a lot of angels to build a Chapel of sacred art. CoSM Members are those angels. Sign up today! Thank you for your support.

Geometric Meditations 
as Practical Magic
Weekend Workshop
with David Heskin & Aloria Weaver
August 12th – 14th

Join supreme artists, David Heskin & Aloria Weaver in this weekend’s workshop on transforming the ancient symbolic language of geometry into art and contemplative practice.

Sacred geometry, through finite boundaries, can express infinite inner worlds. From two-dimensional shapes to three-dimensional solids, simple tools can map complex, intuitive shapes evidenced in art inspired by the fabric of our consciousness.

By drawing connections with the Geometer’s tools, the compass and straight edge, connections of meaning are drawn within our creative mind. The group will collaborate on a drawing through meditative exploration. Bring drawing pencils, sketchbook, compass, and ruler.



Alex & Allyson

Moises Llerena & Alfredo Zagaceta: Artists of the Amazon

By on August 10, 2016

Using intricate design and delicate detail, Moises Llerena and Alfred Zagaceta paint the legendary balance between mankind and mother nature. Having studied under visionary maestro Pablo Amaringo, these artist’s of the Amazon uncover the multiple layers of nature’s beauty through the divine imagination.

Moises Llerena was born on the 8th of April 1975, in the Peruvian village of Flor de Punga. After completing secondary school, he went to study art at Usko Ayar Amazonian School of Painting under the wing of Pablo Amaringo.

His inspiration stems from the ancestral inhabitants of the Amazon Rainforest and their customs. Llerena strives to communicate the importance of taking care of our planet. Both individually and collectively.

He features works at exhibits in Peru including the Municipal Museum of Iquitos, Municipal Museum of Cusco and the Miro Art Gallery in Lima. Though he is from Peru, Llerena has exhibited across the globe including the United States, Finland and Bern Switzerland where he currently resides.

Alfredo Zagaceta is from Pucallpa, the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. Apprenticing under Pablo Amaringo, he lived and worked with him in exchange for his school’s tuition at the Amazon School of Painting. For 4 years Zagaceta learned English, helped with daily chores, and immersed himself in jungle wisdom. With an ability to perceive the metaphysical realms, he interprets scenes into the canvas.

Zagaceta has participated in collective exhibitions in various parts of Peru, US, Europe, and Japan. His paintings hang in the International Museum of Children’s Art in Norway and has participated in the film, “and so I tell them to paint.”

He currently resides in Pucallpa and paints in the Neo-Amazonico and the amazonia sub-realistic style. He says that his passion is painting, and that he will paint until he can no longer lift a brush.

Both Alfredo Zagaceta and Moises Llerena consider nature to be the true master, teaching the vibrations of beauty and love. Their masterpieces are opportunities to delve into the spirit dimension within the jungle kingdom, assisting us in maturing the body and spirit.

To get a deeper download and first hand knowledge from the artist’s themselves, CoSM is hosting a weekend workshop, Shamanic Painting, August 26th – 28th.

Introduce yourselves to the art and style of the USKO-AYAR Amazonian School of Painting and the legacy of shaman and painter, Pablo Amaringo. Providing examples, Moises and Alfredo explain the unique flow of Neo-Amazonico painting and its visionary roots in ayahuasca shamanism. Secure a spot now and come add to your artistic flare! Click here for more information.