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    Grey’s vision of a flawed but perfectible mankind stands as an antidote to the cynicism and spiritual malaise prevalent in much contemporary art. –New York Times
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    Build Entheon

    Build Entheon

    Entheon means a place to discover the God within. Entheon is the sanctuary of visionary art now under construction at CoSM. Learn how you can be part of it.
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    The mission of CoSM is to build an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to inspire and evolve the creative spirit.
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Friday Nights at CoSM

By on July 29, 2016

Friday Nights at CoSM
Drawing Together:
Drawing with Alex & Allyson

Day and overnight visitors are welcome to join CoSM after 6pm Fridays and join Alex and Allyson for and evening of Drawing Together. A model and an altar of special objects will inspire our drawing the figure, from life and strictly from the imagination. Uplifting music will usher our introspective journey woven with brief guidance interspersed by Alex & Allyson. Bring a special altar to place on the altar. Bring art materials that you love or use the colors and paper provided by CoSM. Your own sketchbook and colors will start your practice of drawing together with friends.

Enjoy The Mushroom Cafe’s home-baked pastries, paninis and beverages while perusing CoSM’s library of books. CoSM Shop offers spiritual, artistic and practical gifts and books with numerous post-Kickstarter altar objects and art offerings. CoSM Grey House Gallery hosts paintings including Cosmic Christ and the exquisite sculpture, World Soul. See you there!


Outside Friday Night @ CoSM

Pyroglyphics: Flow Arts

The element of fire is an established symbol of energy, passion, and spirit. Friday’s open spin jam, led by Pyroglyphics, will incorporate dance, circus and martial arts forms. Focus on the use of fire props such as staff, fans, and poi to craft your own unique flow style. Come explore fire as a spiritual art form at CoSM!


Sunday @ CoSM:

Art Church: The Light Body

 with Alex & Allyson

Make art at CoSM this Sunday afternoon to practice Art As A Spiritual Path. Accompanied by music with a vision of turning on the light body, we will create together to the extraordinary music of DJ Jon Ohia. Following a break for socializing, a visit to The Mushroom Cafe and CoSM Shop, a presentation on the Light Body will offer an art historical overview of figurative luminosity as a recurring motif throughout world art. Come prepared to create. Journaling and poetic expression are also encouraged. Ending the afternoon program will be an update and tour of Entheon, Sanctuary of Visionary Art, now in construction.



Alex & Allyson

The Visionary Art Intensive at Omega Institute is Almost Here!

By on July 18, 2016

Join us for the first time. Join us again. Take your art to a new level and take with you touchstones for works of art to come. Omega Institute is the place for artists of all-levels of ability to come together and GET OUR ART ON! Gift yourself with the activity that nurtures your creative soul. You know you want to be with us for five days filled of art and love that you will not forget.

Through illustrated talks, vision practices, and group interaction, we empower the process of bringing our heart’s iconography to outer form and examine the worldwide visionary art movement.

Using guided imagery, meditation, shamanic ascent, and love model chakra drawings of body and soul, we open the doors of the imagination to the theater of revelation. Utilizing basic materials such as graphite, colored pencils, pastels, and watercolors, we commit mental pictures to paper and discuss the aesthetic dimension of our mystical experiences.

Learn how to draw the face and figure.


Explore art as a spiritual path and art as a career, address technical concerns, and define your creative goals. Re-enter the charged vortex where we will empower each other toward breakthroughs in our artwork. Immerse in your passion within a supportive community of artists to vision and create and express.

Arrive Sunday evening, July 21; depart Friday afternoon, July 26. CoSM Barbecue for Omega Class to follow on Friday evening, July 26. Tour Entheon with A&A.


Register at


Hoodie Salinas: Sculpture Meets Sustainability

By on July 18, 2016

“Mama Jaguar” from Envision Festival, 2015

Ernest “Hoodie” Salinas is a San Francisco based artist and sculptor who specializes in environmentally conscious stage design and construction. Traveling the globe, Hoodie creates outstanding installations at festivals and events that are enchanting to the eye.

“Magicika” from Once Upon a Fesitival. Photo by Edward Clynes.

Hoodie’s approach stems from his desire to build only from locally sourced materials, reclaimed woods, metals and glass, creatively constructing them into an artistic display of visual stimulating, interactive designs.

His goal is simply to give his audience an all encompassing and transcendental experience which is emulated by the harmony between the stage presentation and its surrounding environment.

“Torn Between” from Lighting In A Bottle Festival 2016.

Hoodie recently revealed the forest’s face, adding his artistic flavor to the CoSM property. Design in collaboration with Alex Grey, a dying oak tree made a resurgence in the form of a Tree Shaman. With no official name yet, this instillation is an extraordinary addition. A must see!

Newest sculptural addition to CoSM! Hoodie with Alex & Allyson.

Best of luck to Hoodie as he continues his artistic pilgrimage. For more information on this spectacular visionary, stay updated through his Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to stop by during CoSM’s open hours to get a first hand look at his contribution to the community!