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    Grey’s vision of a flawed but perfectible mankind stands as an antidote to the cynicism and spiritual malaise prevalent in much contemporary art. –New York Times
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    Entheon Project

    Entheon Project

    Entheon means a place to discover the God within. Entheon is the sanctuary of visionary art now under construction at CoSM. Learn how you can be part of it.
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    The mission of CoSM is to build an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to inspire and evolve the creative spirit.
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    All proceeds support the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors project

Meet The Love Tribe

By on July 30, 2015

Since last August’s membership drive, CoSM has served a growing community with celebrations of creative spirit. CoSM now enters it’s most exciting phase yet, the actual building of Entheon, a sanctuary of Visionary Art. Every day walls and galleries become a more tangible reality. This summer’s goal is to establish the perimeter, the masonry of the outside wall and to have the roof on by early Fall. Why must we build Entheon? By preserving and sharing the Sacred Mirrors and other best-loved works of mystic visionary art, Entheon will provide transformative medicine for the Soul of humanity.

Everyday we greet inspiring friends from around the world who have made a pilgrimage to CoSM in Wappinger, New York to share the art and create sacred space together. Temple building is the artwork of a community. CoSM membership is the alliance of souls making an investment in the future of Entheon, a symbol and context for our collective divine imagination. Join us this Saturday for a tour of CoSM, when we will visit the Entheon construction site and vision this sacred place together. Experience fine CoSM cuisine at a BBQ for members only and join Future Members for the Full Moon Ceremony where all are warmly welcome. Membership can be secured in advance of the event and also available at registration.


Alex & Allyson


Entheon Past: Early demo work on the front of the future Entheon, sanctuary of Visionary Art

Entheon Present: Now in it’s “Minimalist Industrial” phase, we need your help to transform this fortress of visions with a facade of sculptural Godheads.

Entheon Future: Working on a scale model to vision Entheon into manifestation.


Message from a CoSM Member from Wappingers Falls, New York

Hi Community,

I learned about CoSM from a great artist friend of mine who lives on the West Coast, Cory Glory, who has volunteered at CoSM and will be returning in August. 

I’m fortunate enough to live here in Wappingers Falls, and I attend workshops and Full Moon gatherings whenever I can. I love the creative environment, yoga with Shipra, the Mushroom Cafe, the grounds, the vibe, just everything about CoSM. I’m an old Deadhead from back in the day, so discovering CoSM was a bit like coming home.

During the week I work in NYC as a court stenographer, and on the weekends and evenings I enjoy spiritual pursuits and physical activities.

I am extremely impressed by what the Greys and the CoSM community have been able to achieve. I’m a big proponent of the CoSM vision, and am looking forward to finding ways to support it in the future.


Mike McDaniel


Become A Member or Volunteer at CoSM

By on July 16, 2015


It takes a lot of angels to build a Chapel of sacred art. CoSM members are those angels. Members are the wings that will make this dream fly. Art can be a spiritual path with Chapel building as the ultimate expression of mystic communion. Become a member of CoSM and come build with us. Membership is $100 for a calendar year beginning with the date of purchase and includes:
• Exclusive Membership Card
• Free General Admission
• Entry to Full Moon events for one year
• Entry to Art Church events for one year
• Discount Admission CoSM events
• Discount for Room Rentals Monday through Thursday with Coupon Code
• Discount to MAGI, Mystic Artists Guild International Programs
• The Latest Issue of CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture
• Members Quarterly Newsletter
• $10 Discount on Celestial Celebrations for Members

Join us for the Members BBQ Full Moon Event on August 1st!

Letters from CoSM Members:

Hello my name is Patrick Ryan.
I became a CoSM member last year because membership means supporting the CoSM mission, creating a sacred space for art, knowledge, communication, spiritual exploration & healing. By becoming a member I am pledging a certain amount per year to help with the overhead costs, the construction of both Entheon and the final Chapel which will be built in the meadow in the future. It makes me feel good to be able to help in any way.
CoSM Membership means you are fundraising for the future of this sacred place. Anytime you purchase something in the store, or online, tickets to a Solstice or Equinox, even a sandwich in the Mushroom Café. You are making a difference helping CoSM become a strong independent spiritual center for all who attend.

Membership is also the best way to go if you are planning on attending both the Full Moon Ceremonies and Art Church, because you end up saving money in the long run, but there is much more than discounts. You will become part of a fantastic group of people who all believe in the same things: peace, equality, interfaith, and finding the divine within ourselves. CoSM welcomes all and all ages, I have had some of the greatest moments of my life here in this beautiful setting. It makes my commute from Boston seem like the blink of an eye cause I know when I get there I will meet awesome people.

Letter from Katie:
My name is Katie Clark. I was born and raised in Stowe, Vermont. I grew up outdoors and surrounded by nature and wouldn’t change it for anything :) I have been fortunate to travel all over but find myself once again in Vermont for a beautiful summer. I will be moving to New York City in October to pursue a career in music. My journeys have brought me far and wide but I am deeply rooted to the East Coast and the larger New England area.

My CoSM journey started in the Fall of 2013. I was speaking with a new friend about new and interesting things we could do and he mentioned visiting CoSM for the Full Moon Autumnal Equinox. I entered the experience excited and unsure of what to expect. I left the next day feeling fulfilled in ways I had never been: this is a feeling I look forward to every time I leave CoSM. I found a home in CoSM that I was unaware I had ever been looking for.

My visits have not been as frequent as I like, but each experience has opened my eyes to the beauty of not only the Grey’s art but to the beauty in human form. One thing I am always amazed by is the people I meet at CoSM. A place where I can meet someone from all walks of life who is taking part in something bigger than we can imagine. This is one reason I wanted to become a member. Not only to support the Grey’s and all of their fantastic work. I wanted to get to know fellow enthusiasts who feel that deep connection to CoSM. I am so excited to be moving closer to CoSM and the always wonderful CoSM community.

Volunteering can be a rewarding opportunity to connect with the mission of CoSM and co-create sacred space.
Many long term friends and members of CoSM were first introcuced to the community when they came to volunteer.
We are so honored to have the help of so many wonderful individuals who make such a great team, and are an important part of making sure our events run smoothly and successfully. To be a volunteer at CoSM, please complete and submit a volunteer application by clicking here, or write to

CoSM’s Volunteer Team after our 2015 Summer Solstice Celestial Celebration

Come see us at CoSM soon!

Alex & Allyson

Mysteries of the Lost Civilizations

By on July 8, 2015

Mysteries of the Lost Civilizations
World expert in vanished cultures, Dr. Robert Schoch, returns to CoSM this weekend. For a quarter century, Dr. Shoch has been exploring the enduring mysteries of the most ancient civilizations. At the upcoming CoSM event, Robert will first review his groundbreaking work recasting the date of the Great Sphinx, supported by his recent studies of the 12,000-year-old site of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. He will share his latest research at Gunung Padang in Indonesia and his reassessment of the indigenous culture of Easter Island. All findings from Dr. Shoch’s exhaustive studies confirm that true civilization dates back to the end of the last ice age. Advanced civilizations circa 10,000 BCE did not last. In fact, they all but totally disappeared in a flash.

In the second session of the event, Dr. Schoch will give his reinterpretation of the mysterious Rongorongo Texts of Easter Island, connecting the message of the glyphs to cutting-edge research in plasma physics, combined with a plethora of geological data (including detailed analyses of ice cores and sediments cores), which elucidate the cataclysms that occurred. Solar outbursts and plasma discharges brought about the rapid end of the last ice age and the demise of the early civilizations of that remote period. Pockets of survivors escaped by literally going underground, as attested by the caves and subterranean cities in the Cappadocia region of Anatolia and elsewhere. Humanity was thrown into a solar-induced dark age (SIDA) which lasted thousands of years before the re-emergence of civilization circa 4000 to 3000 BCE. Plato’s legend of Atlantis and many other ancient myths are confirmed. Natural events beyond our control have and will continue to radically affect cycles of civilizations offering profound implications for our world and future.

Dr. Robert M. Schoch, a full-time faculty member at the College of General Studies at Boston University since 1984, earned his Ph.D. (1983) in Geology and Geophysics at Yale University. He also holds an M.S. and M.Phil. in Geology and Geophysics from Yale, as well as degrees in Anthropology (B.A.) and Geology (B.S.) from George Washington University.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Schoch stunned the world with his revolutionary research that recast the date of the Great Sphinx of Egypt to a period thousands of years earlier than its standard attribution. In demonstrating that the leonine monument has been heavily eroded by water, and despite the fact that its location on the edge of the Sahara has endured hyper-arid climactic conditions for the past 5,000 years, Schoch revealed to the world that mankind’s history is greater and older than previously believed. More recently Dr. Schoch has determined the astronomical cause of the demise of antediluvian civilizations, which he describes in his book Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future, along with the scientific and archaeological evidence that supports his conclusions.

Dr. Schoch has been quoted extensively in the media for his work on ancient cultures and monuments across the globe, including Egypt, Turkey, Bosnia, Romania, England, Wales, Scotland, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile (Easter Island), Indonesia, and Japan. His research has been instrumental in spurring renewed attention to the interrelationships between geological and astronomical phenomena, natural catastrophes, and the early history of civilization. Dr. Schoch has appeared on numerous radio and television shows and is featured in the Emmy-winning documentary The Mystery of the Sphinx, which first aired on NBC in 1993. He is a sought-after speaker for national and international conferences.
Come meet visionary genius, Dr. Robert Schoch at CoSM this Saturday for an immersion into the deep human story.

Entheon Walls Keep Rising

Artist Burgundy Viscosi stopped by to see how Entheon is going

It is thrilling to see the walls of Entheon rise and the interior spaces begin to take shape. The elevator shaft is evident. Brian James, CoSM Manager of Buildings and Grounds, is planning  the third floor frame-out.  Help CoSM build Entheon with a generous contribution.

Balcony will offer a view of the first floor gallery (left) from the second floor of Entheon.

Years from now, Entheon will be covered in sculptures and relief murals. Help bring this vision to concrete form with a generous donation to CoSM.

CoSM Begins its “Secret Garden”

The Green Hands of CoSM, a volunteer gardening team, assembled an impressive garden in just three weeks. Vishwa, CoSM Volunteer and Dan (of Mountain Man Herbs and Teas) brought some orphan plants to CoSM. Chef Mike and Peter, the Unstoppable Force of CoSM Shipping, are already harvesting greens from the garden to serve at the CoSM table.  Eli, CoSM Permaculture Certified Graduate, cleaned out the fence area and endured a bad poison ivy rash. Thank you to all and bunches to Eli, for taking that uncomfortable hit for the team.
With loving care, these amazing friends are “greening” CoSM abundantly. Bless CoSM Gardeners!
For more information about gardening and yard work possibilities at CoSM this summer and fall, contact Caren Charles, CoSM Volunteer Coordinator at

Green Hands — Peter, Dan, Vishwa, Mike, Eli in the CoSM Garden

“Mountain Man” Dan brought his herbal Garden to CoSM including mint and spices for his natural teas served at CoSM events.


In California? Come see us painting on stage with Beats Antique at the Chalice Cup, music, glass and art.
— NOS Events Center, San Bernadino, California, July 11 & 12.


Alex & Allyson