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    Grey’s vision of a flawed but perfectible mankind stands as an antidote to the cynicism and spiritual malaise prevalent in much contemporary art. –New York Times
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    Entheon Project

    Entheon means a place to discover the God within. Entheon is the sanctuary of visionary art now under construction at CoSM. Learn how you can be part of it.
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    The mission of CoSM is to build an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to inspire and evolve the creative spirit.
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Creating a Life You Love

By on January 29, 2015

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The Multidimensional Mind

Fearless seeker of truth, Alan Steinfeld has explored the occult, paranormal, sacred and mystical through New Realities TV, his interview program on Time/Warner cable for twenty years. New Realities has featured over 5,000 experts, authors and researchers speaking about body, mind and the awakening creative spirit Alan’s youtube Channel is well-stocked with conversations on consciousness with leading-edge thinkers.

alan stienfeld

Alan asks, “Is there a world-view revolution in progress?

Using our multi-dimensional minds, we access the field of energy and consciousness we call reality. Through science and new realities, humankind today can activate realms once known only to our most enlightened ancestors. In this 3-hour workshop, we will learn and practice techniques that activate the “the multidimensionality of the greater mind.” Co-creating a unique field of energy, our group will connect with realms of esoteric thought often hidden from the logical mind. Hear the latest updates on consciousness research in this pre-Full Moon Workshop addressing:

— Remote viewing
— Automatic writing
— Lucid dreaming
— Telepathy
— Channeling
— Crop circles
— Cosmic awareness

crop circle

Come to CoSM from 3-6pm Saturday when we join Alan Steinfeld for in an interactive look at the extreme sport of consciousness exploration.

awakening the multidimensional mind

6pm — Dinner follows for workshop participants.


7:30pm – 1am – CoSM’s 146th Full Moon Ceremony featuring music, poetry, wisdom.


After the ceremony stay for:

— Ecstatic dance to the electronic music DJ’s Somatoast and Psylander
— Live-painting by Seth Leibowitz, John Shook, Ivan Crocket and the Welch Brothers
— Body painting with Caren Charles
— Community sand mandala collaboration hosted by Rosie and Mike Garger
— Fire circle and performances led by Phantomime
… and so much more

Sunday Art Church is preceded by Shipra exquisite yoga class at 10am.
The Mushroom Cafe opens after yoga at noon.
Art Church begins with a drawing meditation/visualization at 1pm.
Bring a sketchbook and colors to Art Church.
Basic supplies are also available.

After the break, our attention will turn to Creating the Life You Love, an illustrated discussion led by Alex and Allyson.

Creating the Life You Love

creating the life you love

“To live the life you love, love the life you have and imagine a future that draws you forward.”– Alex Grey

We are all artists of consciousness creating our “pictures” of reality. Neuroscientists concur, every bit of what we experience is a figment of our imagination. Authorship of the story of our lives is in our hearts, minds and hands. So, how will we most positively and powerfully interpret the circumstances of this moment to best inform and guide the precious life we have ahead? With the raw material of past experience, in the mental factory of our thoughts, our future is sculpted with the “chisel” of our worldview. To create the most evolutionary thoughts and ideas, the Craftsman-of-our-Being accepts mentorship from the divine imagination, source of beauty, truth and goodness.

kiss of the muse

“Kiss of the Muse” Drawing by Alex Grey

A life we love is filled with savoring our unique experience of the world, and instilled with a sense of purpose by contributing to a community. Developing personal connoisseurship of the beauty around us opens our senses and sharpens our visioning skills. No matter how difficult life’s journey, harnessing the passion of our Soul’s mission through a creative project leads to profound joy.

This Sunday at Art Church, we will contemplate our life as the aesthetic adventure it is.

Explore with us the skills and tools in the Art of LIfe.

— What is the “anatomy” and characteristics of a “Love-able LIfe”?

— When is it an advantage to be the cause of any “trouble” that currently exists in your life?

— What are the “deals” and “deal breakers” in an ideal life?

— If money and circumstances opened your life to unlimited possibilities, what passions would you pursue?

— With unlimited possibilities, what would shift?

— What effects, if any, do prayer, spells, hexes, charms, and protective talisman have on outcomes and circumstances?

— What steps can you take to fulfill the higher love you are called to manifest?

Come to Art Church ready to write and draw from the wellspring of your imagination in service to the life you love.

We hope to see you soon!


Alex & Allyson

Cosmic Philosophy

By on January 22, 2015

cosm newsletter

The Perennial Philosophy or “eternal religion” that runs through all religions, is the ground of CoSM’s integrative spirituality.   The mystics of each faith affirm that the journey of our Soul, is a shifting from our fear-based defensive body/ego identity through disciplined practice of the mind evolving toward psychic awakening, and toward expansive spiritual liberation.  Mystics testify to the Ultimate Reality and priority of the transcendent Voidness of the Ground of Being, yet affirm it’s unity with all dimensions, emphasized as the Oneness of monotheism and the non-duality and Sunyata of Eastern Dharma traditions.  As the creative director of each moment of our identity, we can choose to identify with the contractedness of the ego, or with the eternal self. The Ancient Egyptian Emerald Tablets tell us, “As Above, So Below.” Heaven is brought to earth through the imagination.

Genesis tells us that humans were “made in the image of God.” The likeness of humanity to it’s Cosmic Creator, a microcosm related to the multidimensional macrocosm, is mystical insight revealing our true identity as a sacred mirror.  When we are creative, we align our being with the Cosmic Creative Force, the Source our being. In the flow of creativity, we become a node, a shining outpost of the One Being that unites all beings. “The Divine Imagination” was how Blake referred to his inner world. He made a bookplate stating “All Religions Are One,” a statement that echoes the voice of Mohammed in the Koran, “To know oneself is to know Allah.”  From the perspective of oneness, planet earth is a sacred place where beings with the possibility of recognizing their Cosmic origins, can experience the miracle of life’s consciousness evolution.  Preserving the diversity of life on planet earth then becomes an obvious priority to ensure the continuity of gifts offered by Creator to bless the world. All mystically informed Visionary Art embody visually these essential teachings. The goal of CoSM is to build a Sanctuary of Visionary Art to support and renew the sacred creative lives of a global community.

all religions are one

 Book plate by William Blake

Touching the Void
It is just our good fortune that one of the worlds experts in the subject of the Perennial Philosophy, Dana Sawyer, will be our guest at this weekend’s Visionary Salon. A professor of Religion and Philosophy, expert on Asian Religions, Dana is the critically acclaimed biographer of two great luminaries in the world of consciousness investigation and spirituality: Aldous Huxley, author of The Perennial Philosophy (among many) and Huston Smith author of World Religions (among many), A truly experienced and delightful speaker, who is published widely, Dana will offer a visual tour entitled “Touching the Void: the Perennial Philosophy of Aldous Huxley, Huston Smith, Joseph Campbell, and Stanislav Grof.” Join us on Saturday evening to learn about the “sanatana dharma,” an ‘eternal religion’ implicit in both the natural world and the human spirit.” Huxley called this all encompassing yet essentialized teaching “unitive knowledge,” an experience reported by mystics of all traditions. We will paint and draw during the workshop, feel free to do the same. Bring art materials.
During the dinner break, we’ll socialize around fireplaces in the Parlor and in the Library. The Mushroom Cafe will serve beverages, panninis, wraps, homemade mushroom soup and baked goods. CoSM Shop will be open.
Return with us to the Library after the dinner break, when we will interview Dana and address audience questions on the ultimate knowledge of reality, and essentially, who we are.

touching the void perennial philosophy dana sawyer january 24 chapel of sacred mirrors cosm

Dennis McKenna at CoSM

Join us at CoSM for a Visionary Salon with Dennis McKenna, ethnopharmacologist, research& pharmacognosist, lecturer, author, and Director of Ethnopharmacology at Heffter Research Institute, a non-profit that investigates therapeutic uses of psychedelic medicines. Bringing us the science of cognitive liberty with his humor and grace, Dennis joins his brother, Terence McKenna, in being one of the leaders of the current psychedelic renaissance.

terrnece mckenna alex grey dennis mckenna

 Don’t miss this weekend of Psycho-Ethnology with dear friends.

Alex & Allyson

Theophany in LA

By on January 15, 2015

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Duncan Trussell Family Hour
We had the most loquacious afternoon with Duncan Trussell today. If you haven’t wizened to Duncan’s podcast until now, now’s the time. Get comfortable, preferably working on a drawing, and listen to us go on and on about art that arises out of the visionary state, the visionary mystical experience at the foundations of every religion, ancient and contemporary sacramental culture, cognitive liberty, building sacred space and how to live in this beleaguered world with joy in service. Thank you, Duncan. You are one excellent host. Listen here.

duncan trussell family hour
duncan trussell

Gem & Jam Pre-Party – Music and Painting in LA
alex grey allyson grey bicycle day entheon
Here in unsurpassable Hollywood, we look forward to our big live-painting appearance on Friday at the historic Henry Fonda Theater with premier artists, Amanda Sage and Sam Flores and some of our favorite DJ’s — Random Rab, Thriftworks, Russ Liquid, Desert Dwellers, Soulular, and with Johnathan Singer providing mind expanding projections. Johnathan Singer is bringing the Entheon Altar DJ Booth, the first “3D print-out” of the Entheon architectural sculpture, which digital sculptor Ryan Tottle spent a year modeling based on Alex’s designs and drawings. Ryan, a visionary who won an academy award for his work in Frozen for Disney, will make an appearance Friday and together we will share a new sculpture that will be a benefit for the Entheon project. All of the events we are doing this year will be benefits to the building of Entheon.  Come celebrate the Gem and Jam Pre-Party and enjoy L.A. winter with us.

gem and jam la pre party alex grey allyson grey random rab russliquid thriftworks soulular desert dwellers


Alex and Allyson